Somewhere along the line the art-form of Hiphop has diverged from the lyrically grown roots which powered the locomotive Golden Era of the Emcee. Drawing on the raw emotion of “roots” blues, the subtlety of lounge jazz, and the chaotic energy common in 1990’s Seattle, Sincere Logic hopes to bring some small measure of focus back to a distracted genre.
Growing up around music, he absorbed every stray note that echoed from the vinyl, until eventually he took in so much that music began to overflow. It is this excess musical energy that helps to fuel the lyrical driven performances that have become a staple of Sincere’s arsenal.
Whether performing an acoustic set with Diego Sans, rocking a high octane Proposition Swagg show with Rello, Crazee the Phlowbird, Hogg, Jake, and Luck, or simply reciting parking lot poetry, you can always rely on an unadulterated and unrivaled passion for the art.


Rello (Its Ya Boy Rello) – Vocals, Drums, Beatbox
Crazee the Phlowbird – Vocals, Beatbox, cowbell
Diego Sans – Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar
Luck – Vocals
Hog2 – Vocals, Hype